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I was born in Luton, Hertfordshire and from an early age music has played a major part in my life. My father came from the East End and played in a hugely successful swing band in the forties and my mother sang in the Luton Girls Choir. I have an older sister and spent much of my childhood listening to her record collection and dreaming of being in a Rock 'n' Roll band and it was then that my lifetime love of music had begun.


At school I sang in the choir and by my forth year I was learning acoustic guitar and once mastered I moved on to learn the bass guitar and realised that I was also a pretty good singer!  At the age of 24 I formed a four piece band called The Stingrays. We displayed great harmonies showcasing songs from the Sixties and Seventies. For two years we performed in pubs, clubs and at various events around the Midlands and also acquired several spots on local radio. In the end, as all bands do, we split up but it wasn't long before I formed a duo called Midnight Hour which shortly became a three piece. We were hugely popular on the Midlands scene and spent 14 great years performing together. Following my years spent with Midnight Hour I worked on several other projects including a Bee Gees / Hollies tribute act called Catch 22 and my own band; Hold Tight as well as performing as a solo artist.


My big chance finally arrived when I was asked to join the Union Gap UK whose hits include 'Young Girl' and 'Lady Willpower'.  The Union Gap UK afforded me the opportunity to become a full time professional musician meaning I had finally achieved my musical goal after all the years of hard work treading the boards.I had a fabulous time with the Union Gap UK but chose to broaden my horizons when approached by The Fourmost and I became the member of yet another fantastic band whose hits include 'A Little Lovin' and 'Hello Little Girl'. Following on from that, I joined one of the top Sixties tribute bands in the UK; The Mersey Legends and although I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with such talented people in some fantastic bands I am now back performing  as a solo artist and am enjoying every minute of it.


I consider myself very lucky to have a wonderful job playing the music I have loved for as long as I can remember.